Sandbox: JavaScript

Reveal Target

click to show box
<a class="btn btn-default" data-trigger="reveal" data-reveal-target="!body #boxReveal">click to show box</a>
<div id="boxReveal" class="box" style="display: none">I'm a box!</div>

Dissolve Target

click to hide box
I'm a box!
<a class="btn btn-default" data-trigger="dissolve" data-dissolve-target="!body #boxDissolve">click to hide box</a>
<div id="boxDissolve" class="box">I'm a box!</div>

Toggle Target

click to toggle box
I'm a box!
<a class="btn btn-default" data-trigger="toggleReveal" data-togglereveal-target="!body #boxToggle">click to toggle box</a>
<div id="boxToggle" class="box">I'm a box!</div>

Nix Target (hide and then destroy)

click to nix box
I'm a box!
<a class="btn btn-default" data-trigger="nix" data-nix-target="!body #boxNix">click to nix box</a>
<div id="boxNix" class="box">I'm a box!</div>

Related Documentation

Note: Not all links in these work.

Delegator Triggers: Reveal, Dissolve, Nix, ToggleReveal

Provides delegated links to use Fx.Reveal on a given target.


        <a style="display: block" id="toggleParent" data-trigger="toggleReveal" data-togglereveal-options="'target':'!div', 'fxOptions':{'duration': 0}">Toggle parent</a>
        <a style="display: block" id="toggleSelf" data-trigger="toggleReveal" data-togglereveal-options="'fxOptions':{'duration': 0}">Toggle self</a>
        <a style="display: block" id="revealParent" data-trigger="reveal" data-reveal-options="'target':'!div', 'fxOptions':{'duration': 0}">Reveal Parent</a>
        <a style="display: block" id="revealSelf" data-trigger="reveal" data-reveal-options="'fxOptions':{'duration': 0}">Reveal Self</a>
        <a style="display: block" id="dissolveParent" data-trigger="dissolve" data-dissolve-options="'target':'!div', 'fxOptions':{'duration': 0}">Dissolve parent</a>
        <a style="display: block" id="dissolveSelf" data-trigger="dissolve" data-dissolve-options="'fxOptions':{'duration': 0}">Dissolve self</a>
        <a style="display: block" id="nixParent" data-trigger="nix" data-nix-options="'target':'!div', 'fxOptions':{'duration': 0}">nix parent</a>
        <a style="display: block" id="nixSelf" data-trigger="nix" data-nix-options="'fxOptions':{'duration': 0}">Nix self</a>
        <a style="display: block" id="nixAll" data-trigger="nix" data-nix-options="'targets':'!div a">Nix all the links</a>

The above examples use Fx.Reveal to show, hide, and destroy their respective targets.


  • target - (string) - a selector which will return the DOM element to show/hide. Use selectors provided by Slick to select parents and sibling trees.
  • targets - (string) - same as target except this will apply the effect to multiple targets (all the ones that match the selector).
  • fxOptions - (object; optional) - a set of options to be passed to Fx.Reveal.
  • allowEvent - (boolean) if true the trigger does not call event.preventDefault() - defaults to false.